Zach Whitworth

Zach Whitworth (Hebrew: זְכַרְיָה אֵיתָן; Irish: Sacharías Etan) hails from the Umpqua Valley of the Pacific Northwest.

“A gentleman and scholar.”

“He brings people together.”

“A new friend who feels like an old friend.”

“He is not only talented and intelligent but devoted to alternative methods of publishing discourse and collective organizing in the field.”

“He is a thoughtful and innovative scholar who has much to say about society. His ideas are urgent, pressing, and inciteful.”

I've felt ambivalent about autobiographical statements for a while. I find myself oscillating between definitions and positions, never satisfied with one or the other. For instance, it's difficult for me to draw a line between my work as a writer and as an editor; as a designer and as a curator; as a scholar and as an art worker.

As an alternative, I started to keep quotes from others who refer to me in conversations. It's less of who I believe myself to be—in theory, it's closer to how I will be remembered when I'm no longer around.

This site is a testing ground for publishing text on the World Wide Web, specifically concerned with layout suited for commentary and the positioning of multiple ideas. It is a repository for old thoughts and thoughts on those thoughts.

I've been considering how the Web can be used for commentary, criticism, and annotation. Some things that have been on my mind lately are Ted Nelson's vision of two-way hyperlinks; Octavia Butler reading several books at once in rotation; a workshop called more* designed by Mindy Seu & Laura Coombs; the function of margins in the Babylonian Talmud; Walter Benjamin's incomplete study of Parisian arcades; and Bob Arellano's early hypertext novel, Sunshine'69.